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One of the most popular marketing strategies in Kenya right now is content marketing. It helps keep acquisition costs low. But it’s also great at generating leads. Not everyone will be ready to buy from you the first time they visit your website. However, your content becomes a relationship builder. The more of your content your prospect sees, the more familiar the potential customer becomes with your brand. Eventually, that familiarity can result in cold, hard cash. Like SEO, it’s a bit of a long-term play. But it pays off.

Content marketing serves multiple purposes beyond generating business. It can also inform your customers so that they can advance their performance within the niche. For example, if you run a hair Salon, you can create hair tutorial videos with your hair styles. This will help your customers look more beautiful using your hair Styles but also keep them using your product. Eventually, when customers want to buy another style, they’ll be more likely to be from you. Why? Because content marketing improves customer retention too. Content can come in many forms like blog posts, ebooks, videos, infographics, webinars, podcasts, polls, quizzes, templates, and more.

So which marketing strategies should you include in your content marketing in Nairobi?

When first starting your content strategy, blogging tends to have the highest impact on long-term growth. The way to build out your content is to first focus on writing articles around your exact niche, just like this piece you are reading. After building an audience around the niche, move to a wider audience. For example, if you have a Gym, start by writing on active lifestyle articles. Once you’ve built an audience of active lifestyles enthusiasts, start writing articles about Fitness. After you’ve built up an audience of fitness enthusiasts, start creating content around health and wellness. You’ll still want to include articles around work-outs and fitness but while tapping into the broader audiences too. The most successful blogs and websites started as a specific niche and became broader with their audience as they became more successful. Doing the opposite won’t yield the same results.

Pick content based on who your audience is and what your goal is. For example, if you’re trying to build an email list of women in their twenties, you might create fun quizzes for them to do. If you’re trying to get free traffic from SEO to accumulate a massive audience, you might choose to start a daily blog. If you cater to business people, you might choose to create a Vlog so that they can consume your content on their way to work.

Do what everyone else does but with a twist. You’ll often hear that the secret to marketing is to be different. But different usually falls flat. If something is unfamiliar or different to someone, they are less likely to like it. It’s called the mere exposure effect. To really stand out with content marketing in Nairobi, you need to emulate the same concepts as the most popular pieces of content within your niche but add a subtle twist to it. Check out www.andztech.com for examples of blogs, and more content.

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