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Let us dive right in, Nairobi real estate land scape has largely changed, Expos, radio Ads , TV ads, Newspaper Ads, posters, billboards are running slow with generating leads. These old school and very expensive modes of marketing are gradually fading off and more and more Nairobi businesses are shying away. In fact, as more Expos run, the more exhibitors are keeping away. Clients are not coming to these events any more. Why? Well, people do not have time to waste coming to stroll around, they instead want to scroll around.

Get this, in 30 minutes I can scroll through say 10 properties on my phone and get far much insights on the properties by watching videos, pictures, walkthroughs, reviews etc. In an expo 30 minutes will be wasted on one property, even a billboard, newspaper advert etc. can only share limited information.

Social media marketing is the trend & future in Nairobi, research shows that out of the close to 5 Million Nairobians 90% of the adults have cell phone out of which 70% are smart phones. In fact Nairobias are the most tech survey in east & central Africa. With over 3 million smart phone users, why then are you spending a fortune on traditional media while you can use a fraction of the same to precisely target your market.

Here are 3 ways you can easily boost traffic to your real estate business for free.

  1. Create content in different formats (text, video, audio) and post them on the social web (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube). You can post the same content on multiple social sites as Google DOES NOT penalize for duplicate content. When using this tactic make sure you only put part of your content on social media and make the readers click over back to your site to read the rest. Remember videos and pictures perform the best, Nairobians do read much they are easily moved with video & imagery.
  1. Google for forums within the real estate space and respond to questions. Within the forums or even pages response add a signature that lists your website. The better response you give the more traffic you will get.
  1. Create trend content: Nairobi real estate field is really hungry for content, everyone out there is just selling and selling pushing products and no one creating content. Most real estate content comes from media house, who most of the time have no hands-on real estate experience, look for example how fast @CytonnInvest has grown in the market in such a short span, they saw a void and they are filling. Be creative with the content, this will drive traffic to your site and increase your prospects. Nairobians want to know more in the real estate sphere, get Great Content writers to help you.
  1. Bonus. Use the right tags: for those who do not know what tags are! Tags allow your content or property to be easily picked by clients looking or similar content or property. Google, facebook, Instagram direct clients to you based on tags. Make sure you use the right tags and embed them on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, IG etc.

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Written by Anold Mugo | Marketing Strategist

& Published by Andztech.com

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